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Miami-based cargo airline Conquest Air Cargo may be transporting shipments of live  African green monkeys destined for imprisonment and vivisection in U.S. laboratories.

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@Air_Cargo_News I just learned that Conquest Air Cargo is reportedly shipping monkeys to be experimented on in laboratories. Its CEO, Marc Wolff, should ban this and all shipments of primates destined for laboratories and laboratory suppliers! #BanPrimateExploitation

TEXT to 73822: CARGO Monkeys don't belong in labs. Refuse to fly monkeys to laboratories for vivisection. 

Research carried out at the Oregon National Primate Research Centre in the USA involved Abbott Nutrition infant formula products and was funded by Abbott Nutrition and the US taxpayer, for a human infant formula that is already on the market. Fifteen infant monkeys were fed the commercial human infant formula and were removed from their mothers at one day old and kept in what was euphemistically called a "nursery". Eight infant monkeys  were allowed to be with their mothers for six months before being taken away and killed with the other 15.  

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Photo credit Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals


Send polite emails to Abbott Nutrition UK and Abbott USA urging them to show compassion for all primates, whether human or non-human, and end any funding and involvement in research on monkeys:

Managing Director, Abbott Nutrition, UK: ukabbottnutrition@abbott.com

Mr Robert B. Ford, President and Chief Executive Officer, Abbott, USA: robert.ford@abbott.com

Mr Miles D. White, Executive Chairman of the Board, Abbott, USA: miles.white@abbott.com

​Mr Scott Stoffel, Corporate Office, Abbott, USA: scott.stoffel@abbott.com

Send the following tweets:

@AbbottNews please show compassion for all primates, whether human or non-human, and end any funding and involvement in research on monkeys #StopPrimateTests #BanPrimateExploitation

@AbbottNews please stop funding cruel research on monkeys and their infants #StopPrimateTests #BanPrimateExploitation

@AbbottNews please stop funding human infant formula research which involves the killing of baby monkeys  

#StopPrimateTests #BanPrimateExploitation

Following Liverpool Football Club's new partnership with the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority, we're calling on LFC to use its influence to help the monkeys of Mauritius by urging the country to stop its involvement in the trade in primates for vivisection.
Please can everyone do all of the following: (please keep all correspondence polite, we are appealing to LFC for their help, not condemning them):



Send an email to: sponsorship@liverpoolfc.com

Post on LFC Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LiverpoolFC/

Send a message to LFC Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LiverpoolFC/

Send the following tweet:

@LiverpoolFC, @LFC call on @GovMauritius and @SeeMauritius to end cruel trade in monkeys"


28th September 2020: Following pressure from activists, Astral Aviation not only did not ship monkeys to a US lab at the end of August, they have also subsequently decided to stop the transport of monkeys on their fleet.

Pressure campaigning works!

8th August 2020: Following pressure from activists, Ethiopian Airlines released a statement saying that they "have no plans" to transport Mauritius monkeys destined for vivisection.

Pressure campaigning works!

Biosphere Trading, a monkey farm in Mauritius the breeds monkeys to be exported for vivisection, is seeking to expand and increase its capacity, by ten times, to breed monkeys to be exported for vivisection.
It is important that the Mauritius government is made aware of the strength of opposition to this cruel trade in monkeys' lives.


Send polite emails to the government of Mauritius:

privateoffice@govmu.org - The Hon Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, Prime Minister of Mauritius

maneesh.gobin@gmail.com and mgobin@govmu.org - The Hon Maneesh GOBIN, Minister of Agro Industry and Food Security 

kramano@govmu.org and menv@govmu.org - The Hon Kavydass Ramano, Minister of Environment

Write to the Mauritius Embassy in your country: