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End Vivisection In Leicester will be campaigning against vivisection at Leicester University, in association with Vivisection Exposed.


At Leicester University, in research funded by the British Heart Foundation, 46 rabbits were anaesthetised, dissected and killed to study the effects of stimulating nerves in the heart. 

Source: Animal Justice Project

Leicester University has also been involved carrying out warfare experiments on animals. Ten 3-month old female Red Duroc pigs were starved of food twelve hours before undergoing surgery in which their backs were shaved before being subjected to twenty full-thickness scalpel wounds. Some injured pigs were left untreated, whilst others had salbutamol sulfate rubbed on their back wounds – an already commercially available drug. Researchers used scalpels to remove the skin and expose the underlying tissue. Wounds were marked with ink tattoos and scars were observed for almost two months before the animals were killed. These futile experiments took place to determine the effects of salbutamol on wound scarring. 

Source: Animal Justice Project

Leicester University are torturing rats to try to "cure the obesity epidemic" in humans. Rats are forced to undergo an operation where a gel is pumped into their brain. Their heads are then wired up. They then spend the rest of their lives in a box pressing buttons to release food. The rest of their lives turns out to only be three months. They are then killed. This research is led by Dr James McCutcheon. 

Source: Cherry Wilson