The aim of this group is twofold: to bring vivisection back to the forefront of animal rights, where it once was; and to bring evidence of vivisection to the general public - to let them know this practice still goes on, and so they can't forget about it. With the result being hard-hitting campaigning against the heinous crime of testing on animals - be it for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals or weapons. This group believes that there is zero reason for testing on animals and that it needs to stop - completely and immediately.

We will be aiming to expose ALL companies that test on animals. As well as Cancer Research UK and British Heart Foundation, we will also be focusing on Alzheimers UK and other smaller "charities" that have escaped most of the campaigning.

We currently have four chapters at Vivisection Exposed - Liverpool, Newcastle, Leicester and Brighton; primarily focusing on the universities in those cities. We hope to soon have Sheffield and Southampton on board.