3,401,517 procedures were carried out on animals in the UK in 2019


29th September 2020

Peter Egan, staunch animal rights activist, vegan and the nicest man on the planet, has just agreed to support Vivisection Exposed!

Here is Peter's statement:

"Peter Egan, well known actor, animal rights activist and patron of For Life On Earth supports Vivisection Exposed in their campaign to end vivisection and in their renewed fight against the use of animals in testing for cosmetics in the UK and EU."

The Cruelty Free Shopping Guide

For Christmas 2019, Vivisection Exposed researched and designed the *ultimate* cruelty free shopping guide. This guide only lists those companies that do conduct or fund animal experiments, do not have a parent company that tests on animals and do not sell their products in China. This list is continually updated. Please contact us if you notice any errors in this list - any companies you think need to be included or removed.

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Vivisection Exposed has teamed up with Action For Primates following Liverpool Football Club's new partnership with the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority. We're calling on LFC to use its influence to help the monkeys of Mauritius by urging the country to stop its involvement in the trade in primates for vivisection.


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Photo credit: Cruelty Free International

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